Thursday, July 14, 2011

Swimming Lessons and Waterparks

(Top: Ryan having fun at a local waterpark for kids). Sophie took swimming lessons this year and was a "Rock Star!" (exact words from her teacher) She is a little fish and egtting better every day. We also had the opportunity to head up to a local waterpark, called Signal Bay. The kids were there for 5 hours and had a ball! Here are some snapshots.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Paper Airplanes fun

SO, I didn't realize that our blog was not posting when I asked it to. Sorry for the break in posts! One night, Justin had the grand idea to make paper airplanes. The kids had a blast throwing them around outside. It's amazing how much simple fun you can have with a simple idea! Sophie did pretty well, and Ryan...well, it didn't go far, but it sure was a cool plane! :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sophie's Ballet Recital 2011

Our little ballerina had her very first ballet recital. She danced to sleeping beauty's "I know you." It was quite a big deal. After buying costume, waiting 2 hours in line for recital tickets, 2 dress rehearsals, and flowers purchased, and watching our little girl in a packed auditorum filled with family members of tons of other little girls, we realized just how big this was! It was so fun for her, though, and she is eager to do more ballet come fall. We took our own little photo shoot at home and had a little fun with it. Here are those as well as snapshots from the recital. (The video of the dance is having trouble loading, so I'll try to post it later)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!!

I love my dad! Both of my parents taught me so much, but for father's day...My (Lauren's) dad taught me love, respect, honor, responsibility, hard work, silliness, the simple joys of life, how to enjoy sweets and super buttery/salty popcorn, how to pick my nose (but not others'!) :), how to fish, how to be selfless, and many other things! The picture below is John Haddock with his headlight on trying to catch some catfish with me. Thanks, Dad! (see below for more great dads!)

Since Lauren does the blog, she'll have to speak for Justin :), but Les Smith trylu enjoys history, good stories, movies, and having child-like fun. He is a good man and a wonderful grandfather (even though he has the weirdest grandfather name we have ever heard of!! "Big Med"). Thank you for being in our lives. I think you like me because my own father prepped me well with his cheesy humor :). You are fun to be around and I think you keep getting better with age!

Justin is such a good father and daddy to his little children. They love him to pieces in every way. Sophie tries hard to be JUST like him (and in many ways she is and always has been!). he is so fun and silly, yet a good disciplinarian, and so loving. There is no doubt in those kids' minds that their daddy loves them. Thank you! We love you!

Beginning of summer

Summer is here, school is out, the pools and parks are open, the heat and thunderstorms are here, the plans for summer fun are being made, and the calendar is filling up like madness. I don't know why summer, or at least the beginning of it, has become so crazy for our family. Perhaps its the 2 surgeries we are doing (turbinate
reduction in the nose for Lauren and Justin's major mole removal this week), OR maybe its the family dentist appointments and other doctor's appointments that have all come up, OR maybe its the daily swimming lessons for the next 2 weeks and end of year multiple ballet rehearsals for Sophie's recital this week, OR maybe its the preparations for Lauren to go to Girls' Camp for a week immediately following the 4th of July, O
R maybe its the c
ontinuing education seminars that have come up for Lauren's physical therapy licensure, OR maybe its re-orgnaizing the ward playgroup and continuing to organize book club. When I put it all down, it makes sense...I think. :) How ever you look at it, we're busy, and we are trying to create and find those special moments in between that make it all worthwhile.

Lauren and the kids have been trying to hit the pool often to keep cool, and we finally just went outside to run through the sprinklers (after a week of cooler temps and non-stop begging from Sophie). Yesturday, Lauren had received an invite from a couple other wives, and found a cheap amusement park ticket. So for Father's Day yesturday, off Justin went to King's Dominion for some all day rollercoaster guy-time fun. He had a blast, and I think it made up for some all morning meetings for Stake Conference we had today.

here are some snapshots of the kids (up top): eating watermelon, (below): having fun with their bubble bath (check out the Santa beards), Ryan trying to fill some big shoes (Justin's), then falling, and then some sprinkler fun. Happy Summer!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Race Car Driving!!

Justin's boss's, to reward for hard work done, invited us to go race car driving in Richmond, VA today. It was a family affair that was lots of fun. The kids loved the cars (especially Ryan!), the guys were pros, and the ladies...well, were terrified, but we had fun. :) Here's what we did...

Psyched before we go!

All the kids pretending to be driving.

Ryan, nervous for his Mommy

Justin suited up.

Lauren, looking goofy.

Ryan helping Mommy at the pre-drive instructions

Ryan getting to sit on a car.

The kids posing.

Waiting our turn.

Scott and Jennifer. Such wonderful people and neat bosses.
The drivers.

Too loud!

Justin's turn. This guy helped us into the cars and got us going. Super nice.
There goes Justin!

Lauren's turn.

Yep I (Lauren) stalled. Embarassing. :)
I got better! :)

They had some rockin' music playing at the track, and Ryan got his groove on with the pole.
He was so happy to get his own race car toy and couldn't wait to open it!

Out to lunch afterwards, and cute little baby ducks came right up to our table!

So cute!

The kids checking it out.